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Chakra Balancing aromatherapy massage oil blend {1}
Chakra Balancing aromatherapy massage oil blend {1}

Chakra Balancing aromatherapy massage oil blend

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Chakra Balancing aromatherapy massage oil blend

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This aromatherapy oil blend can be used to balance the emotional and spiritual
level to keep the etheric and physical body in harmony, spiritually aligned and
in a state of wellbeing.

External use only, made with essential oils (Patchouli, Jasminum grandiflorum,
Aniba rosaeodora, Nymphaea caerulea) in Jojoba carrier oil.
Avoid during pregnancy.

Glass 100ml bottle.
Bottle might variate blue or brown in colour due to manufacturer availability.

This product is not a drug to treat illness, health issues or food supplement
and do not substitute any medical preparation or treatment.

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In Lumine Lunae. Herbaria Occulta - www.inluminelunae.com

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Our products are not drugs or food supplements, and do not substitute any
medical preparation or treatment.

We make our products using only natural ingredients. Some products like
candles and self-lighting incenses may contain chemical elements which are
specified on product description and details, as well as other ingredients
which might cause allergic reactions.

Concerning products which can come in contact with the body, especially for
allergic subjects, we suggest to seek medical advice before application or,
alternatively, place a small amount of product on your skin to be sure there is
no any risk of an unexpected allergic reaction.

In case of pregnancy, if not differently specified, we recommend not to use
products for internal use, or which enter in contact with the skin.

Unless otherwise noted, our products are generally used only externally. We
accept no responsibility for side effects due to wrong use of our products,
their abuse and allergic reactions.

Oils, incenses, elixirs and flower essences should be stored in a cool and dry
place, tightly closed after every use.
Even if these kinds of products don't have a specific expiration date, they
may deteriorate or lose their effectiveness after about 1-2 years, and 2-3
years for elixirs and flower essences, so we recommend you to consume them
within 16-24 months. In particular, products which are used internally we
accept no responsibility for consumption after the best before date suggested.

Avoid the abuse of elixirs, products for internal use and oils which enter in
contact with the skin.

For safety reasons you must never leave candles burning unattended, near
flammable materials or while you are sleeping.

Our esoteric supplies are made by energy practices and during specific moon
phases. They have the purpose to support and empower your magical activity but
do not guarantee the effectiveness of a spell. This, in fact, depends
exclusively from skills and knowledge of who practices the craft of witchcraft.
Brand: InLumineLunae
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