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1 Gallon of Floral Water/ Hydrosol {1}
1 Gallon of Floral Water/ Hydrosol {1}

1 Gallon of Floral Water/ Hydrosol

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1 Gallon of Floral Water/ Hydrosol

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This listing is for 1 gallon of any one of our hydrosols. You can find out
more about each one in the individual listings.

Pick which kind you would like from the available options when checking out.

Hydrosols are very versatile in use. They are commonly used in facial care as
a facial toner + mist, but they are also the pure distillation of the plants
aromatics making them available for soul work through aromatherapy. Many of our
customers use our hydrosols in their product lines to create skin care
products, aromatherapy products and perfumes. Hydrosols are very shelf stable
if stored in a dry, temperature regulated place that is away from direct light.

Medicinally, hydrosols are valuable for the skin and excellent for use with
babies and children because they don't sting when applied. My sons have always
loved having his bumps and scrapes soothed by our hydrosols!

WHAT ARE HYDROSOLS? Unlike water with essential oil added, hydrosols are made
by distilling (think of moonshine making but without making alcohol) the whole
plant. They contain not only a small percentage of essential oils, but many of
the water soluble components of the herbs, such as the natural alcohols, weak
acids and tannins. They are more true to the essence of the plant and a more
complete representation of it. They contain the same medicinal properties as
the essential oils, but not as concentrated, so it can be used in more
applications. In addition to their physical attributes they also work on the
soul. Wildness + Alchemy + Magic. Back in the day in Europe many people had a
distilling room for making hydrosols for everyday needs and the essential oils
that were a by product were discarded.

We make our hydrosols high concentration and they are not diluted. For every
pound of herb we produce only a pound of hydrosol.
Brand: wildroot
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