Author: Laura Harris

How to Modernize Your Company’s Website

In the age of technology, businesses are increasingly made or broken by the quality of their websites.  If you’re thinking about forking over a sizeable wad of cash to pursue an online doctorate degree, you’re probably going to be heavily influenced by the quality of the school’s website, right? Modernized, user-friendly sites like elektronisksigarett tend to continually draw in new visitors, while outdated pages merely inspire them to browse elsewhere.  These simple measures will make a stale site stand out to web users. Optimize Photos Thanks to Photoshop, iPhoto and other image alteration programs, there is no excuse to...

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Traffic Blues? How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog With 10 Crucial Tips

Blogging culture is here to stay. There has been a widespread increase in the self confessed “obsessive and compulsive” bloggers significantly in the recent decade. More so, now even the big corporate organizations have realized the important features of a blog and the resourceful medium that it is, when it comes to creating ample amount of awareness within the internet users. No matter how big or small the organization may be, blogging as a platform provides everyone – be it individuals or organizations, with easy and effective means to express themselves and gain a strong competitive edge in the...

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Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Icon Design

Designing an icon can be tricky as it is very important to balance good design and color with clarity. An icon, no matter how artistically designed will lose its value if it does not communicate to the viewer. Effective icon designs 1. Create a theme: Although it is important for icons to stand out from each other, it is important to include a common design element. These elements can be based on color, perspective, size or light and shade. 2. Keep it simple: The function of an icon is clearest when the least number of elements are used in the design....

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Facebook Users Find Private Messages Showing Up Publicly on Timeline

Rumors of a Facebook bug has users from all over the world worried about private messages showing up very publicly on Timeline pages, but the social network is debunking those claims, saying these messages are actually just older wall posts. A series of reports coming out of France — including ones from Metro Franceand Le Nouvel Observateur — claim that Facebook members who sent private messages over the past few years have been popping up on public posts. Some members in the U.S. have said their private messages from 2007 and 2008 are showing up on their Timeline, but...

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Iran Blocks Google in Preparation for Domestic Internet

UPDATE 2:05 p.m. ET: According to Google’s Transparency Report, there isn’t currently a visible blockage. “We have received information that users cannot get access to Gmail and Google Search in Iran,” a Google spokesperson told Mashable via email. “We have checked our networks and there is nothing wrong on our side.” 12:02 p.m. ET: The Iranian government blocked access to Google‘s search engine and Gmail as the country readies a closed domestic Internet system. On Sunday evening, Iran’s government deputy minister said the country is making this switch as part of cyber-security measures, according to a Reuters report. However,...

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